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At this category, random thoughts, I will express my opinions and thoughts regarding to different aspects of life. This has a motivational aim, to make the reader think about those thing I will talk about from a whole new perspective.

Even though it might seem it has s critical tone sometimes, this is jus my opinion, and the goal is not to change the mind of the reader but make him think.

Here, the will be a subcategory called Anonymous Hero, where I will tale the stories of s one people I consider are a real hero.

How traveling can fix these three problems of the Millennials

A few weeks ago I foud this interview to Simon Sinek in which he perfectly defines what a millennial is, the problems we have to adapt to the real world and the reasons why it is like this. Honestly, I haven’t grown up in the same environment as most of you guys did, but still, I feel Identified with some of the points Simon addresses in the interview. And I have come with one simple solution to our problems, Traveling.

How Traveling can help us to build our confidence back?

The first problem Simon Sinek says we millennials have, is low self-esteem, which he links to “failed parenting strategies”. Ever since we were born, we were told that we are special, that we can have whatever we want just because we want it, and our parents made sure that we had it.
One thing that really surprised me when I moved to the western world (I am originally Ethiopian and moved to Spain when I was nine) was that the kids in my class got presents from their parents just because they had passed a subject, it didn’t matter if the grade was a C or an A. If I did get a C on any subject by then I could say goodbye to all my privileges at home at least for a month.
And we could find thousands of examples like that one. That is bad parenting, don’t get it wrong, parents do that seeking the best for their children and to make them happy. But at the end of the day, when the kid has to walk by himself out in the real world, he finds out that a C is not enough, that he is not special, he is just like everyone else around, and all this happens in an instant and we don’t really know hoe to deal with it, and it builds up into a low self-esteem.

How traveling help us with this problem?

When we are traveling we are not self-absorbed in ourselves and our problems, we get to higher our sights and see different realities than the ones we are used to, we meet wonderful, special people that humble us, and make us see things differently. For example, when I am traveling to my country I can only think of how tiny I am compared to that 7-8 years old kid making some money by cleaning people’s shoes just to bring money home, to help his mom, to feed his little brothers, that makes me realise that I am not as half a man as he is, that I am lucky to have had this life, that there is a long way to go for me to earn the respect my family and friends, that sometimes I drown into a glass of water and fail to see the bigger picture. That keeps me moving, working.
Knowing that there are different realities out there makes you see that every day you wake up and go do whatever it is that you are doing, you are choosing to do exactly that, that you are the manager of your time and your life. This is how self-confidence is built.

How Traveling can help us to deal with stress in a much healthier way

In the video, Simon Sinek defines the second big handicap we millennials have, and that is the fact that we don’t have the appropriate mechanisms to deal with stress. Stress is the major source of lots of health problems as well as addictions.

Most addictions are produced when we are still teenagers, that is a stage of life in which we suffer a lot of stress, it is the stage when we say “hello” to the world for the first time standing on our own feet. And we have to be accepted for our fellows and we suffer a lot of insecurities and anxieties. That lead us to stress and the search fo dopamine to handle that stress, when we drink alcohol, for instance, that frees some dopamine into our brain and makes us feel better, happier, we forget about our problems for a moment, and when we repeat that process over and over again is when the addiction is produced. Now, alcohol is not the only substance that frees dopamine into our brains, text notifications in our phones can produce it too, and that is why there can be cases in which we get addicted to our smartphones.

Smartphones could be considered as our alcohol, our way to deal with stress. When we are in a conference room surrounded by a bunch of people, we feel that social anxiety that it produces us and take the easy road and stare at our phones instead of talking to each other, this way we miss the opportunities to engage with other people. Just remember all those times when you got to sit beside the girl or the boy you like, you get nervous, avoid eye contact and check your Instagram feed, rally knowing that it is not what you should be doing, five minutes later he/she goes away, you missed that opportunity to engage with that person.

How traveling help us with this problem?

First of all, we all know how traveling can be a great way to get away from everything that stresses us and chill out a little bit. But it’s not only about the time we are actually traveling but the effect that it has in the long term. Traveling can help us tackle the problem from the root.

When we are on the road, in another city, another country, there are lots of moments when we don’t even have connection to the internet, so we are forced to get over our social anxiety and actually talk to other people, and that teaches our brain that there is nothing wrong about interacting with other people. We also expose ourselves to a lot of different situations, we address unusual problems that we have to solve by ourselves, and we learn how not to drown in a glass of water and how to deal with stress.

How Traveling can help us to build our confidence patience

The third problem Simon states we millennials have to deal with is Impatience. We live in the world of instant gratification, we want to watch a movie? we just need a browser or our phones, we want to flirt with someone? just swipe right. All this technological advancement we were exposed to from a very young age, plus, having our parents do everything for us, has taught us that just by wishing we can have whatever we want.

How traveling help us with this problem?

Do you want to visit the most exotic and beautiful lands? You are gonna have to travel for 12+ hours, it requires the traveling of very long distances to get there, it is exhausting, but the prize at the end of it is totally worth it. Do you want the most amazing views of the place? You are gonna have to hike the biggest mountains or walk the highest hills of the city.

Travelling can really teach us that we have to sweat hard to get the best of what we want.

Anonymous Heros: Strength

Country of birth: Ethiopia
Date of birth: Unknown
Estimated age: 83

Superpower: Strength

Daughter of an incredibly beautiful woman and a farmer, she was born in a little town away from the capital. Since she was a little kid, she showed some of her wildness and independence, none of the cultural rules of her town would apply to her.

Her beauty was and still is stunning, not even comparable to her friends. Even though she was 100% African, she is almost as white as a caucasian person, something strange and beautiful. Whenever she walked into a room where there were men, some necks would break.

She was the desire of every man, and despite the culture of her town of marrying the person assigned by the parents, she managed to choose her one, the love of her life, a handsome and intelligent military aviator of dark skin that gave her an enviable life.

They had six beautiful kids together, then, reality showed up! They were living in a country where kid mortality was high, sadly, they lost two of their children before even celebrating their first birthday. Another one of their kids went through a yet unexplained illness that left her partly “disabled”.

By that time the country was not exactly about peace and joy, a war escalated and all the men went to fight while the women stood at home with the kids. That war took her husband away and left her with almost no money and four kids to take care of. Now that she had lost her love, she didn’t want another man in her life and never got married again, instead, she started to make some trading with the cloth to make enough money to feed her kids.

Short after, she had to take the most difficult decision of her life, to send her children to Cuba through and aid program established by the Caribbean country, for those kids who had lost their fathers during the war. But that doesn’t mean she gave them up, she managed to make enough money to send to her kids, now thousands of KMs away.

All hero end up winning the battle! 13 years after, her kids came back from Cuba, all grown ups and graduated from University, all the suffering finally paid off. Now her children are the ones taking care of her.

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To my 5 years old self

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I miss the way you fell to the ground, and then you cried for 10 minutes long, desperately, scared just like if you saw the biggest and ugliest of all monsters. I miss your ability too isolate yourself from the entire world, navigating the mysterious worlds yourself built from nothing. I miss how simple your eyes made the world. I miss your ignorance and curiosity for everything.

You are able to become a footballer one day, and then an astronaut the very next one, you are able to dream with your eyes open, its ridiculous how easy that is for you. As you grow up the people you meet along the road will try to shape you in the way they think you should be. They will tell you not to dream awake, they will teach how to avoid falling, how not to be an ignorant, how important is too be aware of everything that is happening around you. Don’t get them wrong, they do it because they love you, and they want you to achieve great things in your life, but they are wrong in their approach.

The world is full of colours, its not just about black and white, and you have to show them that. That dreaming about the future is the key to make that future happen, that selective ignorance is way better than false awareness, that there is nothing wrong about falling even though it hurts a little bit, that trusting and loving others doesn’t make you weaker but richer, despite sometimes it can lead to disappointment.

Do never change the way you dream, do never change your silly smile, do never stop running because you fear falling. Love, cry, laugh and fall as much as you can.

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Three Best Seller Books that will make you better

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The only difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do!

Just as simple as that, he who wants to become a professional athlete or a successful business man, if he is not willing to put the work in, if the only thing he does is to complain about what he doesn’t have, he will never become what he wants. You want something to go for it, don’t expect it to rain in your backyard.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche is damn right when he states that we have killed the concept of god, and now we don’t know where to put our faith in. And the truth is, we need someone, something, to believe in, to give us the confidence to pursue our dreams, to fear less, to do more. I say, let that something be us, our work, our dedication, be confident that if you give it all if you practice, put the work in, you will success no matter what. Have an infinite faith on what you can achieve if you get up in the morning and put it all in until the very moment you go to sleep.

Step 1: Do, re-do and do again. If you sit waiting for inspiration it might never come to you. Get up and go for it.

Step 2: Do more. If you don’t see the results you want, adjust, and keep working, overnight success does not exist, that is something that only happens in Hollywood if it was easy, everyone would do it, everyone would be successful. Keep in mind that there is plenty of people in the place you aim to be, and all of them had to go through the same thing as you.

This list of books will help you to do exactly that! Achieve the greater you!

#1 The Alchemist buy Paulo Coelho

This is without any doubt the best book I have ever read. One person, I really do admire recommended it in a TV show and I decided to give it a try. Here, Paulo Coelho relates the story of a young shepherd who has a recurrent dream, and one day he decides to pursue that dream

This book tells us all he had to go through to achieve that dream and how each experience in his way shaped him into the person he becomes at the end of the story.

There are tones of ways you can find this book in store or online, here I let you some of my favourite places: amazon or

#2 The Game by Neil Strauss

This best seller book is tagged as a masterpiece guide on how to pick up woman, but for me, it goes way beyond that.

It describes the journey of a middle-aged journalist (Neil Strauss, the Author), who, with the aim of writing an article engages a community that claims to be the perfect place to learn how to pick-up woman, for those who were not born with that specific skill. You might think you already can guess what happens from there on, but you will have a great surprise if you read it.

You can buy this book from amazon or

#3 Awake The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

Simply, a Complete self-improvement book you can find. Here Anthony Robbins covers every single aspect of one’s life, from your relationships to your finances.

It starts by challenging all your believes, what he calls “Limiting Beliefs” and helping you to destroy them, and start walking your path to that person you want to become. It addresses every aspect of life, from your relationships, your emotions and your mental state to your own finances and economy.

There are tones of ways you can find this book in store or online, here I let you some of my favourite places:Amazon or

If you manage to understand and interiorise the meaning of each of this books, I am pretty sure, your life will not be the same anymore

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Anonymous Heros: The power of will

Do you know anyone,  real people, from the real world, not coming from Krypton, with no spider bites that has  super powers? I bet you do, someone who has no limitations, someone that never gives up. I met that person the day after I was born.

She was born in Ethiopia in the early 60s, the oldest of 4 brothers, two boys and two girls, she used to rule them all, she was and still is the eyes and right hand of her beloved mother. At age 5 she suddenly started feeling sick, her muscles wouldn’t respond at her will, her legs would start to shiver with no reason and out of control and it would become harder and harder to understand her speaking. Her parents visited every doctor they could with the limited resources their country could offer and found no specific diagnosis of what was happening to their daughter, so they tagged it as an evil spell because of the envy she raised up in the neighbourhood for how beautiful she was, after that they went the religious way to find any possible cure, but that would just result in a placebo effect.

At age 10 she lost her father as a result of a war that was going on in the country, and short after, all of their brothers would be elected by the Cuban government to be part of a program, to save all those children, who had lost at least one of their parents during the war, she was not elegible for the program because of her desease. Her brothers then, were taken to Cuba, in a 1 month journey by boat. She and her mother would stay in the country, how did they survive? To tell the truth, I don’t know, and I never asked.

13 years later an after finishing their Bachelor degrees, all of their brothers would return back home, short after one of them left to a foreign country, and another one died by natural causes (still I don’t know exactly why). In the middle of that caos, I was born, son of the only sister she has. Ever since the first day she held me in her arms, she would become my hero.

After the years when she had to change my diappers, even though she didn’t even finish primary school, she taught me how to Sum up, divide and multiply, she was the one who would wake me up at 6am, pack my lunch and bring me to school, then at 5pm she would pick me up from class, take me to the play ground, check that I did my homework, give me dinner,  and put me to sleep.

She is my hero from the very first moment I was able to think. I know no one with her  power of will, as limitless as her, as brave as her and the same attitude towards live as her, she is the happiest person I know and she has the most beautiful smile I have never seen.

A Love Letter, Lose It All. The red string of destiny

Every time I see you, I feel nostalgia, nostalgia for all those times I cried for you, for all those times I lost my sleep dreaming that I had lost you when I thought I had you. I feel nostalgia for all what we could have been.

It is like if all the feelings were still alive, buried in a chest someplace dark and scary where not even the bravest pirates are willing to go.

The person you used to be doesn’t exist anymore, the person I used to be is gone as well. But still, after all these years, every time I see you, your smile, your eyes, throw a glint towards those feelings buried in that dark place. It’s sad to think that no pirate will ever recover that chest.

I don’t know, maybe we are the two extremes of the red string of destiny, do you know the story? In the ancient Asia they have this tale about love, that says:

There above, in the moon, lives an elderly man, that awakens every night and contemplates all the souls on earth, and ties with a red string, by their pinky, all those he thinks must remain together.

The thing is, life is not linear, it has its ups and downs, its comes and goes, still, finding that love at the other extreme of the string is inevitable, it’s our destiny, but most of the times we do so when we less expect it, maybe it is not the right time, maybe we are with someone else.

And even though we have the perfect timing, the perfect momentum, we will find a way to lose it over and over, but that love will com back every single time, no matter what the circumstances.

They also say we have a second love in our lives, with which we can maintain a healthy relationship, with an understanding of each other that goes beyond everything, one that will heal all our wounds, one we will spend the rest of our lives with.

But here is the thing, we will never have that passion, that fire, that love madness in our lives, and we will never be able to keep it out of our minds, not even for a day. Only those brave enough will stand for the final prize, a heart full of scars and no regrets.

This is the base off all love stories, including my favourite ones The Notebook
and Hancock.

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What is Christmas really about

Maybe it is the fact of being the whole family all together or the fact that every single song becomes melancholic to my ears, but last night got me thinking. The whole world, all cultures, despite some custom differences, have a day like christmas.

It is like the label brand off all celebrations, and no matter what the religious excuse is, Christmas is simply about love winning! When we were kids the only thing it meant was Santa Claus and all the fancy presents, but as we grow up the presents are not the most exciting part of this holiday any more, not even the party, not even the food. Siting at the same table, all together, one more year, no matter all the fights and quarrels we have had in the past, sharing and smiling, and not like an obliged fake smile (like the one we wear the 90% of the time) but a true one, a happy one.

We are already over the religious event, now, Christmas is about love winning, even if it is only for a couple of days

Merry Christmas to every one!

If there is something we can never own, that, would be TIME

How much do you earn per hour worked? Is it fair? I hope it is! Beause we are paid for the hours we spend at work, we have grown the concept in our minds that Time equals Money, and in fact it does, but know, try it the other way around, does Money equal Time?

It is even kind of stupid if you think about it, we spend our life time working on something we may not like in order to get as much money as possible to spend it on things we may not even need, just because society told us that it is the right thing to do, that this is the only way of living, and we devote our lives to accumulate materialistic things that we end up throwing away, spending our money – our life time that we spent on making that money – on momentary satisfaction, when the only thing we will never be able to acquire is time, we will never be able to go back to that time when… , to have more time for…

In fact, we cannot own time, but we can manage the amount that was given to us, and make the most of it, just as the quote says, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”. But here is the thing, how do we do it right? how do we scape the 9 to 5 daily routine?. The only two ways I can think of are: Find something you are passionate about and make a living out of it or improve your productivity exponentially, so you can get done more in less time.

Not Long time ago, suffering on the web I found out about a book, The 4-Hour Workweek , a world famous best seller by Timothy Ferris, that you can easily find at,, that through a method the author calls DEAL (Definition, Elimination, Automation and Liberation) tackles everything related to productivity. The good thing about it is that it has got both points of view, the one for entrepreneurs and the one for employees.

Define an issue and an objective, eliminate everything standing between you and the lifestyle you aim to have, Automate everything you can to make the process clean and finally, liberate yourself to live the life of you dreams. This doesn’t mean that only reading this book you will have the lifestyle you want, it requires a course of actions, and it is not as easy as it seams, but it is a great book that can help you with time management and get closer to your dreamed life. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

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