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Why Do We Let History Define Us? – A Carnival Tale

I am sure you have heard this story over and over. From 1914 to 1918 more than 16 million people were killed in what we know as the Great War or World War I. I am not going to bore you with this, plus it is Information you can find anywhere in the WEB, and also, there are plenty of Books with detailed info about what exactly happened. But I wanted to put the numbers in, they are sadly, stunning.

Europe was divided in half, with the French and Great Britain on one side, Germany and the Austria-Hungary empire in the other and Italy actually switched sides during the war. My point is, the amount of hate there was seemed like it was never going to go away.

In fact, not long after the Great War, the entire world incurred in an even greater one, with Europe as the center of the conflict, the cruelty of this war is well explained in movies such as Inglourious Bastards or Schindler’s List. It is just incredible what we humans can do to each other.

By now you might be thinking: What the hell has all this to do with carnival? Well, what I exactly wanted was to highlight the History for what comes next.

Last week for Carnivals, friend of mine I met while my exchange in Korea, invited the whole crew from there (two French guys, one Italian and me) to the Carnivals in Cologne. Right after talking about it I had already booked my tickets with Vueling and no HomeAway needed this time, because my friend was hosting us all at his flat.

Truth to be said, the celebration was really amazing, people wakes up at 7 am and by 10 am everyone is drunk, in the streets, singing traditional songs and just enjoying, you get to talk and hangout with everyone and nothing really matters. Cologne is really worth visiting.

One of the most memorable moments of the trip was the last night we spent there, a room full of people, drinking together, singing together. The French and the Italian singing traditional German Songs, the Germans hosting all of us as if we knew each other from a long time ago. The hospitality was remarkable.

That very moment I realized: History is just the narration of what we did in the past, it doesn’t really matter now, and we should NOT let it define who we are, and this applies to everything and everyone. The only thing that really matters, is what you are doing right now, at this very moment.

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Three places to visit in Seoul, South Korea

Three places to visit in Seoul. Seoul is without any doubt, one of the most amazing cities in the world, its culture, its people, all the skyscrapers, the history… There is a countless list that makes Seoul an incredible city. But probably its most remarkable feature, at least for me, is the contrast it has got. You might be in front of an ancient Buddha and at the same time, 100 meters away from a stunning 30m high modern building. This is a must go city, and in case you are planning to do so, here I bring you three places to visit in Seoul. In case if you want to know more about the country, you have available for free, a photo book in the iBook store, you can submit your email for the pdf version too.

Gwanghwamun Square

This is one of the best places to visit in Seoul, it perfectly reflects what I was saying in the introduction about the contras Seoul has. 180º on you feet and you get this other spot:

After recovering from the Jet Lag, this one was the very first place we visited when we arrived to the city. It is 560m long and 34m wide, the perfect place to start any tour in the city and have your very first walk in Seoul.


One thing you should know about Soul is that, unlike most European countries, there is not a defined city center. Wherever you go you get the feeling that you are just right in the place where the most exciting thing in the city is taking place.

Dongdaemun is probably one of the most visited places in the city, by tourists and locals. It is a perfect district to look for entertainment, some shopping or even the perfect spot for a romantic date. Actually, my friends and I used to say that it was too sad not having a girlfriend in Seoul, it is just perfect for a romantic adventure, plus, Korean couples are really cute, you just feel the love in the atmosphere.

Another great thing about this place is the variety of street food you can find just for a couple of bucks. It is one of the best places to visit in Seoul.

Han River

The Han River is the 4th largest river in the Korean Peninsula (494 km), it is formed by the confluence of another two smaller rivers and it flows in the yellow sea. Historically it played a very important role in the Korean economy since a big part of the trade with China flowed through this river.

Currently, is not used for navigation, and it serves water to over 12 million Koreans living in Seoul, and its surroundings are just perfect for walking, biking or just throwing camera shots. And again, a perfect spot for a date. It is one of my favorite places to visit in Seoul.

If you want to discover more places to visit in Seoul, I highly recommend you to get a travel guide, below you can find my two favorite pics from Amazon.

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Seleccione la fecha de ida de su vuelo Barcelona – París

Three incredible places to visit in Barcelona

Barcelona is on the bucket list of most of you. Its weather, its gastronomy, its architecture, the party… whether it is to come with friends or for a weekend escape with your couple, this city has a lot to offer for everyone. And now that February 14th is approaching, Barcelona is a great present to consider. If you are considering that, this might be of your interest.
I am so lucky to say that I live in this magical city, and the truth is, it still surprises me everyday, there is always something new to discover, a new bar, restaurant, a new square. Barcelona is a city in which a dinner with some friends could easily lead to the best party of your life, a city to fall in love with. Plus, if you are from Europe it takes only 2h flight and with solutions such as Airbnb or HomeAway Spain for the stay, you have no excuses!

Fonts Magiques de Montjuic, Barcelona

This is one of the must go places in Barcelona, and it will definitely make you fall in love with this city. It is located Sants- Montjuic. It was built in 1929 for The Universal Exposure of the city and it was rebuilt again in the 90s to host Barcelonas Olympic Games in 1992.
It consists of a great show that combines water, lights, and music. This same place hosted the MTV Music awards in 2002 with the presence of artist such as Bon Jovi. It is always full of people, but it is wide enough so you don’t get the feeling that it’s too crowded. The best part is, it is completely for free.

El Bosc de les Fades, Barcelona<

This is not just another Bar. It is located in the heart of Barcelona, right in the Ramblas, entering the Wax Museum of Barcelona. Getting in there is like entering a Disney fairy tale, the lightning, the decoration of the place, and even the sounds they play, you don’t feel like you are in a bar.
It has different rooms to sit and have some beers, perfect for couples and friends. Time to time, they turn off the lights and play some sounds that will make you feel that you are in a movie. It feels pretty cool when you are a couple of pints up. Check the video.

Park Güell, Barcelona

This is one of the masterpieces designed by the famous Architecture, Antoni Gaudí. The place was built for a famous politician and writer and successful businessman, friends with the artist called, Eusebi Güell
Every single thing you see here is a masterpiece, full of color, like most of the designs of the Author. And it is located at the top of the city, and you get an incredible view of Barcelona with the sea as the perfect background. You will have to pay a little fee (7€), but it is totally worthy.

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Anonymous Heros: Strength

Country of birth: Ethiopia
Date of birth: Unknown
Estimated age: 83

Superpower: Strength

Daughter of an incredibly beautiful woman and a farmer, she was born in a little town away from the capital. Since she was a little kid, she showed some of her wildness and independence, none of the cultural rules of her town would apply to her.

Her beauty was and still is stunning, not even comparable to her friends. Even though she was 100% African, she is almost as white as a caucasian person, something strange and beautiful. Whenever she walked into a room where there were men, some necks would break.

She was the desire of every man, and despite the culture of her town of marrying the person assigned by the parents, she managed to choose her one, the love of her life, a handsome and intelligent military aviator of dark skin that gave her an enviable life.

They had six beautiful kids together, then, reality showed up! They were living in a country where kid mortality was high, sadly, they lost two of their children before even celebrating their first birthday. Another one of their kids went through a yet unexplained illness that left her partly “disabled”.

By that time the country was not exactly about peace and joy, a war escalated and all the men went to fight while the women stood at home with the kids. That war took her husband away and left her with almost no money and four kids to take care of. Now that she had lost her love, she didn’t want another man in her life and never got married again, instead, she started to make some trading with the cloth to make enough money to feed her kids.

Short after, she had to take the most difficult decision of her life, to send her children to Cuba through and aid program established by the Caribbean country, for those kids who had lost their fathers during the war. But that doesn’t mean she gave them up, she managed to make enough money to send to her kids, now thousands of KMs away.

All hero end up winning the battle! 13 years after, her kids came back from Cuba, all grown ups and graduated from University, all the suffering finally paid off. Now her children are the ones taking care of her.

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