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To my 5 years old self

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I miss the way you fell to the ground, and then you cried for 10 minutes long, desperately, scared just like if you saw the biggest and ugliest of all monsters. I miss your ability too isolate yourself from the entire world, navigating the mysterious worlds yourself built from nothing. I miss how simple your eyes made the world. I miss your ignorance and curiosity for everything.

You are able to become a footballer one day, and then an astronaut the very next one, you are able to dream with your eyes open, its ridiculous how easy that is for you. As you grow up the people you meet along the road will try to shape you in the way they think you should be. They will tell you not to dream awake, they will teach how to avoid falling, how not to be an ignorant, how important is too be aware of everything that is happening around you. Don’t get them wrong, they do it because they love you, and they want you to achieve great things in your life, but they are wrong in their approach.

The world is full of colours, its not just about black and white, and you have to show them that. That dreaming about the future is the key to make that future happen, that selective ignorance is way better than false awareness, that there is nothing wrong about falling even though it hurts a little bit, that trusting and loving others doesn’t make you weaker but richer, despite sometimes it can lead to disappointment.

Do never change the way you dream, do never change your silly smile, do never stop running because you fear falling. Love, cry, laugh and fall as much as you can.

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Three Best Seller Books that will make you better

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The only difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do!

Just as simple as that, he who wants to become a professional athlete or a successful business man, if he is not willing to put the work in, if the only thing he does is to complain about what he doesn’t have, he will never become what he wants. You want something to go for it, don’t expect it to rain in your backyard.

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche is damn right when he states that we have killed the concept of god, and now we don’t know where to put our faith in. And the truth is, we need someone, something, to believe in, to give us the confidence to pursue our dreams, to fear less, to do more. I say, let that something be us, our work, our dedication, be confident that if you give it all if you practice, put the work in, you will success no matter what. Have an infinite faith on what you can achieve if you get up in the morning and put it all in until the very moment you go to sleep.

Step 1: Do, re-do and do again. If you sit waiting for inspiration it might never come to you. Get up and go for it.

Step 2: Do more. If you don’t see the results you want, adjust, and keep working, overnight success does not exist, that is something that only happens in Hollywood if it was easy, everyone would do it, everyone would be successful. Keep in mind that there is plenty of people in the place you aim to be, and all of them had to go through the same thing as you.

This list of books will help you to do exactly that! Achieve the greater you!

#1 The Alchemist buy Paulo Coelho

This is without any doubt the best book I have ever read. One person, I really do admire recommended it in a TV show and I decided to give it a try. Here, Paulo Coelho relates the story of a young shepherd who has a recurrent dream, and one day he decides to pursue that dream

This book tells us all he had to go through to achieve that dream and how each experience in his way shaped him into the person he becomes at the end of the story.

There are tones of ways you can find this book in store or online, here I let you some of my favourite places: amazon or

#2 The Game by Neil Strauss

This best seller book is tagged as a masterpiece guide on how to pick up woman, but for me, it goes way beyond that.

It describes the journey of a middle-aged journalist (Neil Strauss, the Author), who, with the aim of writing an article engages a community that claims to be the perfect place to learn how to pick-up woman, for those who were not born with that specific skill. You might think you already can guess what happens from there on, but you will have a great surprise if you read it.

You can buy this book from amazon or

#3 Awake The Giant Within by Anthony Robbins

Simply, a Complete self-improvement book you can find. Here Anthony Robbins covers every single aspect of one’s life, from your relationships to your finances.

It starts by challenging all your believes, what he calls “Limiting Beliefs” and helping you to destroy them, and start walking your path to that person you want to become. It addresses every aspect of life, from your relationships, your emotions and your mental state to your own finances and economy.

There are tones of ways you can find this book in store or online, here I let you some of my favourite places:Amazon or

If you manage to understand and interiorise the meaning of each of this books, I am pretty sure, your life will not be the same anymore

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Anonymous Heros: The power of will

Do you know anyone,  real people, from the real world, not coming from Krypton, with no spider bites that has  super powers? I bet you do, someone who has no limitations, someone that never gives up. I met that person the day after I was born.

She was born in Ethiopia in the early 60s, the oldest of 4 brothers, two boys and two girls, she used to rule them all, she was and still is the eyes and right hand of her beloved mother. At age 5 she suddenly started feeling sick, her muscles wouldn’t respond at her will, her legs would start to shiver with no reason and out of control and it would become harder and harder to understand her speaking. Her parents visited every doctor they could with the limited resources their country could offer and found no specific diagnosis of what was happening to their daughter, so they tagged it as an evil spell because of the envy she raised up in the neighbourhood for how beautiful she was, after that they went the religious way to find any possible cure, but that would just result in a placebo effect.

At age 10 she lost her father as a result of a war that was going on in the country, and short after, all of their brothers would be elected by the Cuban government to be part of a program, to save all those children, who had lost at least one of their parents during the war, she was not elegible for the program because of her desease. Her brothers then, were taken to Cuba, in a 1 month journey by boat. She and her mother would stay in the country, how did they survive? To tell the truth, I don’t know, and I never asked.

13 years later an after finishing their Bachelor degrees, all of their brothers would return back home, short after one of them left to a foreign country, and another one died by natural causes (still I don’t know exactly why). In the middle of that caos, I was born, son of the only sister she has. Ever since the first day she held me in her arms, she would become my hero.

After the years when she had to change my diappers, even though she didn’t even finish primary school, she taught me how to Sum up, divide and multiply, she was the one who would wake me up at 6am, pack my lunch and bring me to school, then at 5pm she would pick me up from class, take me to the play ground, check that I did my homework, give me dinner,  and put me to sleep.

She is my hero from the very first moment I was able to think. I know no one with her  power of will, as limitless as her, as brave as her and the same attitude towards live as her, she is the happiest person I know and she has the most beautiful smile I have never seen.

Two christmas, two worlds: How different christmas is in Ethiopia

Not a long time ago I published my thoughts about what christmas really is, well, after that, I have traveled to my birth country, Ethiopia (deeply religious) and since we don’t follow the same calendar as western countries, christmas here, is celebrated two weeks after the western world. Yes, I was so lucky to celebrate it twice, to realise that, as much as christmas is the label brand of all religions, it is not the same among all the cultures.

In the article mentioned above, I had concluded that we are already over the religion event, and that might be true in Europe, but it is not down here. To my surprise, last night something woke me up at 2 a.m, and it wasn’t a phone call or the sound of my alarm, it was the prayers coming from the church located like 1km from my house, I hadn’t realised it before, but there are speakers hanging all over the city, all responding to the same microphone located in the church.The prayers had been going all day long , and it does not seem like they are going to stop.

It is incredible the faith on god the people in this country has, and that brought a question to my mind that I have been trying to answer all day long, what if faith on god attached to? What is the main variable that influences on how religious a society is? And I think -i have got a clear winner, NEED!! If you have attender primary school, you for sure know the concept of  what a third world country is, and you might further remember the economical reasons why it is classified as such, but if you haven’t seen it through your own eyes yet, you don’t know the day to day life of its people. There is nothing sure for tomorrow here, you go to sleep without knowing if tomorrow you will have water or electricity the next morning, in some cases you already assume you won’t, there is nothing sure!! (I am being really soft with the example). I am not saying we all live like this, but lets not lie to ourselves, the majority of the people does.

When you go through such a needful life, the only means you have to make yourself believe that tomorrow everything will be okay is the faith you put on god. Here, christmas is about creating the biggest illusion possible to make tomorrow seem “sure”.

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