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A Love Letter, Lose It All. The red string of destiny

Every time I see you, I feel nostalgia, nostalgia for all those times I cried for you, for all those times I lost my sleep dreaming that I had lost you when I thought I had you. I feel nostalgia for all what we could have been.

It is like if all the feelings were still alive, buried in a chest someplace dark and scary where not even the bravest pirates are willing to go.

The person you used to be doesn’t exist anymore, the person I used to be is gone as well. But still, after all these years, every time I see you, your smile, your eyes, throw a glint towards those feelings buried in that dark place. It’s sad to think that no pirate will ever recover that chest.

I don’t know, maybe we are the two extremes of the red string of destiny, do you know the story? In the ancient Asia they have this tale about love, that says:

There above, in the moon, lives an elderly man, that awakens every night and contemplates all the souls on earth, and ties with a red string, by their pinky, all those he thinks must remain together.

The thing is, life is not linear, it has its ups and downs, its comes and goes, still, finding that love at the other extreme of the string is inevitable, it’s our destiny, but most of the times we do so when we less expect it, maybe it is not the right time, maybe we are with someone else.

And even though we have the perfect timing, the perfect momentum, we will find a way to lose it over and over, but that love will com back every single time, no matter what the circumstances.

They also say we have a second love in our lives, with which we can maintain a healthy relationship, with an understanding of each other that goes beyond everything, one that will heal all our wounds, one we will spend the rest of our lives with.

But here is the thing, we will never have that passion, that fire, that love madness in our lives, and we will never be able to keep it out of our minds, not even for a day. Only those brave enough will stand for the final prize, a heart full of scars and no regrets.

This is the base off all love stories, including my favourite ones The Notebook
and Hancock.

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Gyeongju National Museum

Camara Used: Nikon D3200

Place: Gyeongju National Museum

Gyeongju National Museum is steeped in tradition. Representing Gyeongju, which was the capital city of the Silla Kingdom (57 BC – AD 935), the museum is where you can view the cultural history of Gyeongju district. Exhibitions are divided into 4 large areas: the Main hall, Annex I, Annex II, and the Outdoor Exhibit Area (Museum Grounds).

In the Main Hall you can see earthenware, with various artworks and craftworks in the Arts and Crafts room. Gukeun Memorial Hall exhibits over 600 artifacts, which were the personal collection of Dr. Lee Yang-Seon, donated to the museum for preservation. Artifacts from the great tombs of the city of Gyeongju are displayed in the Gobun Gallery in Annex I. There are many glittering accessories, such as golden crowns and ornaments, belts, earrings, etc. You will be introduced to the superb artistry of the Silla Period through these artifacts.

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Approximately 30,000 artifacts have been excavated from Wolji Pond, the most significant of which are exhibited in the Wonji Gallery in Annex 2. Other galleries in Annex 2 exhibit household goods. These various types of items show many aspects of life in the Royal Court during the Silla Period. After the galleries, you can move on to the Outdoor Exhibit Area, in the Museum Grounds. King Seongdeok’s Bell, located here, is the most renowned of all Buddhist temple bells. You cannot help but feel solemn as you gaze upon the relic. There is also a variety of artifacts from royal palaces and temples exhibited throughout the grounds. Buddhist sculptures make up the majority of the stone artifacts. If you are a traveler interested in Buddhism or the magnificent culture of royal palaces, this is a place you do not want to miss.

Without any Doubt, one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Visit the image below for more.

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What is Christmas really about

Maybe it is the fact of being the whole family all together or the fact that every single song becomes melancholic to my ears, but last night got me thinking. The whole world, all cultures, despite some custom differences, have a day like christmas.

It is like the label brand off all celebrations, and no matter what the religious excuse is, Christmas is simply about love winning! When we were kids the only thing it meant was Santa Claus and all the fancy presents, but as we grow up the presents are not the most exciting part of this holiday any more, not even the party, not even the food. Siting at the same table, all together, one more year, no matter all the fights and quarrels we have had in the past, sharing and smiling, and not like an obliged fake smile (like the one we wear the 90% of the time) but a true one, a happy one.

We are already over the religious event, now, Christmas is about love winning, even if it is only for a couple of days

Merry Christmas to every one!

If there is something we can never own, that, would be TIME

How much do you earn per hour worked? Is it fair? I hope it is! Beause we are paid for the hours we spend at work, we have grown the concept in our minds that Time equals Money, and in fact it does, but know, try it the other way around, does Money equal Time?

It is even kind of stupid if you think about it, we spend our life time working on something we may not like in order to get as much money as possible to spend it on things we may not even need, just because society told us that it is the right thing to do, that this is the only way of living, and we devote our lives to accumulate materialistic things that we end up throwing away, spending our money – our life time that we spent on making that money – on momentary satisfaction, when the only thing we will never be able to acquire is time, we will never be able to go back to that time when… , to have more time for…

In fact, we cannot own time, but we can manage the amount that was given to us, and make the most of it, just as the quote says, “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”. But here is the thing, how do we do it right? how do we scape the 9 to 5 daily routine?. The only two ways I can think of are: Find something you are passionate about and make a living out of it or improve your productivity exponentially, so you can get done more in less time.

Not Long time ago, suffering on the web I found out about a book, The 4-Hour Workweek , a world famous best seller by Timothy Ferris, that you can easily find at,, that through a method the author calls DEAL (Definition, Elimination, Automation and Liberation) tackles everything related to productivity. The good thing about it is that it has got both points of view, the one for entrepreneurs and the one for employees.

Define an issue and an objective, eliminate everything standing between you and the lifestyle you aim to have, Automate everything you can to make the process clean and finally, liberate yourself to live the life of you dreams. This doesn’t mean that only reading this book you will have the lifestyle you want, it requires a course of actions, and it is not as easy as it seams, but it is a great book that can help you with time management and get closer to your dreamed life. Check it out, you won’t regret it.

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